This week, we proudly announced the release of Madonna: Truth or Dare on Blu-Ray. To commemorate the occasion here at Miramax, we trolled through our archives and dug up the clip below. In the clip, we catch a brief glimpse of the artist backstage, before launching into a black-and-white rendering of her opening 1990 concert in rainy Japan. After just a few minutes, though, directors Alex Keshishian and Mark Aldo Miceli beam us across the globe for Madonna's triumphant return to the US. This geographic shift is conveyed most viscerally with an abrupt transition to full and vibrant color, allowing the audience to absorb the aesthetic kaleidoscope of her 1990 "Blonde Ambition" concert tour. The camera darts and swerves across the stage throughout the song ("Express Yourself"), mimicking the frenetic, high-octane cadence at which a Madonna concert unfurls.

Unfortunately, this clip doesn't quite do justice to the film's more intimate side -- its countless behind-the-scenes insights and unscripted footage, giving the viewer a glimpse at the actual woman behind the icon. For a closer look, though, be sure to order your own Blu-ray here.