Now that you've picked your NCAA brackets, it's time to watch another kind of madness in Martin Scorsese's The Aviator. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in the film as Howard Hughes. During the film's release, he talked to reporters about why he wanted to play the eccentric billionaire.

As an actor, you're constantly searching for that great character. And, being a history buff and learning about people in our past and amazing things that they've done. I came across a book of Howard Hughes and he was set up basically as like the most multi-dimensional character I could ever come across. Often people have tried to define him in biographies. No one seems to be able to categorize him. He was one of the most complicated men of the last century. And so I got this book, brought it to Michael Mann, and John Logan came on board and really came up with the concept of saying, "You can do ten different movies about Howard Hughes. Let's focus on his younger years. Let's watch his initial descent into madness but meanwhile, have the backdrop of early Hollywood, these daring pioneers in the world of aviation that were like astronauts that went out and risked their lives to further the cause of aviation."

Watch this intense scene when Hughes crashes an experimental spy plane into a Beverly Hills house, which was up for sale last year.

DiCaprio has worked with Scorsese on three other films - Gangs of New York, The Departed and Shutter Island. Their next film together, The Wolf of Wall Street will be released later this year. Critics have suggested this is Scorsese's most Oscar friendly film so far. Could that finally translate to an Oscar for DiCaprio? Time will tell. DiCaprio talks about why he loves working with the great director.

What I'm going to say is going to sound like a cliché but I can not tell a lie. He is every actor's dream to work with. He's the man in the business that you can unanimously ask any actor of any age range, and they want to work with this man because he is not only one of the greatest filmmakers of all time, but he is like a film historian. He's a professor of film. The man has seen almost every film ever made up until 1980. You get an education while working with him every single day. He screens movies for you to talk about specific scenes and what he's trying to convey up on the screen. You can ask him a question about a character or the way a scene should go and he can show you 20 different examples of filmmakers that have done that in the past, the way it's been done right, the way it's been done wrong. And it's an incredible learning experience.

This could be the last awards season for DiCaprio for awhile, as he announced he's taking a long break from acting. Sound familiar, Daniel Day-Lewis just announced the same thing - read up on it here.

So hurry up and get your fill of DiCaprio this year and start by watching him in one of his best performances as Howard Hughes. The Aviator is now available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital Download.