Julie Weiss has designed costumes for over fifty feature films, including her Oscar-nominated work for Frida and Twelve Monkeys. Her work is now on display at the Museum of the Moving Image in New York from July 11-November 10. Check out stills and clips from Frida and Hollywoodland below.

PJ-BL123_FASHIO_G_20121128164949Melding text, character, history and clothing with her powerful imagination, Julie has mined design gold: extraordinary costumes that transform the actor, deepen the narrative and enrich the production. This is forged in her design discipline, delicate detail and precise language of costume that suggests tantalizing hints into the character's journey, challenging both performer and audience to look deeper. Never static, her sketches represent a map of the character's interior and exterior life. Figures are drawn and redrawn, layered with swatches, research and technical notes. They invite introspection and dialogue. Much like her art studio, filled with inspiration and contemporary culture, Julie uses her multi-media illustrations to uncover new meaning.[bio via the gate]


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