Robert Rodriguez was in his element this past weekend, promoting his latest endeavors during the SXSW festival in Austin. Honored at the Texas Film Awards, Rodriguez kicked things off proclaiming his love for his home state. He's managed to make very successful movies outside of Hollywood at his own Troublemaker Studios based in Austin. He also premiered the pilot episode of From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series, introduced his new El Rey Network and hosted an exciting after-party with the talented cast, at a make-shift Titty Twister dive bar. Kahuna Burgers were served, Santánico Pandemonium-inspired women danced on stage with snakes and Rodriguez took the stage with his band and his lead FDTD lady, Eiza González. Take a sneak peak at all the fun.

Oh, and if you missed the premiere of the hot new FDTD: The Series, no problem, you can watch the first episode on iTunes for free!