Just ahead of this Sunday night's Grammy Awards, the Coen Brothers will preview their latest film Inside Llewyn Davis, for some buyers and music industry insiders. Joel Coen told the New York Times that Llewyn, "has a certain kinship with Les Misérables...there are lots of duets and trios"

Inside Llewyn Davis is built around full-length performances of folk songs that were heard in the grubby cafes of the Village in a year when Bob Dylan, who kind of, sort of shows up in the movie, had just appeared on the scene. When we catch up with Llewyn Davis in 1961, he appears to be suffering frustrations of his own. He's trying to get some traction in his career and in his life. How good you are doesn't always matter. That's what the movie is about.

Llewyn will likely premiere at this year's Cannes Film Festival and we suspect it might be around this time next year for the 2014 Grammy Awards being that record producer T Bone Burnett produced the music and Marcus Mumford [Mumford and Sons] is a contributing musician. Burnett's last collaboration with the Coen Brothers resulted in a Grammy win for the soundtrack of O' Brother Where Art Thou?. Another interesting note is that their long-time cinematographer, Roger Deakins [No Country for Old Men] was not available for the shoot so they worked with Bruno Delbonnel who shot the Oscar nominated film, Amélie.

The movie is based on the memoir The Mayor of MacDougal Street and stars Carey Mulligan, Justin Timberlake, John Goodman, Oscar Isaac and Garrett Hedlund.

Watch the trailer set to Bob Dylan's "Farewell".

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