Last week, Robin Williams answered questions from fans on Reddit while promoting his new TV show, The Crazy Ones. Here's one of our favorite exchanges.

Q from the_drew:

Is it true the "fart" discussion in Good Will Hunting was an improv? BTW, the way you delivered "I will end you" was a-MAY-zing. May I use that as my SMS alert on my cell phone?

Reply from Williams:

The "I will end you" is based on a story that I think that either Matt or Ben had heard in a bar of a very large man confronting a guy who wasn't as big as he was, and this little man just literally looked him in the face and said "I will fucking end you" and the big guy walked away. I think the fart discussion was an improv. I think, but I'm not sure. Good luck using that as the SMS alert!

Read the entire AMA here and watch the "I will end you" clip now.