To help us celebrate our 50 million fans milestone, Short List created a list of 'THE 50 BEST MIRAMAX MOVIE MOMENTS EVER'.

Ever since Miramax broke out in the late 80s, the world of independent cinema has never been the same again. The Weinstein knack of knowing what smaller horses were the right ones to back has meant a steady output of iconic, game-changing films, such as Pulp Fiction, Scream, Trainspotting and Good Will Hunting.

They've listed films from 1988's Cinema Paradiso to 2009's Adventureland. Sandwiched in between are gems like Shakespeare in Love and Garden State. Here are the best moments Short List picked from the two latter films.

Shakespeare in Love

Moment: A woman in a man's profession

It's not the size of it; it's how you use it. Film parts we're talking about, of course. Judi Dench occupies the screen for fewer than 20 minutes in this imagined story of William Shakespeare's life, but she stamps her authority all over every one as the imperious Elizabeth I. As Viola's (Gwyneth Paltrow) illegal inclusion in a theatre production, a no-go area for women, is on the brink of exposure, the queen delivers a speech on being a woman in a man's world and leaves no doubt about who's in charge

Garden State

Moment: Kenny the Cop

Okay, okay so the Infinite Abyss is a great scene, but how awkward for Peter Sarsgaard? No, for our money highlight of the movie comes when Largeman is pulled over by an old acquaintance, who's now a cop. At no other time in movie history has a character gone from being such a d***, to so daft, in such a short period of time.

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What's your favorite Miramax movie moment?