Once in awhile a new actor or actress seems to appear out of nowhere and becomes an overnight sensation. In Audrey Tautou's case, she may have been a star in France but not internationally until the release of Amélie.

Tautou and Amélie became an obsession for many. In the years since, she has been in several films including Stephen Frears Dirty Pretty Things and Hollywood blockbuster The Da Vinci Code. She has a few new films out or to be released soon, including the innovative French director Michael Gondry's Mood Indigo. The must-watch trailer looks refreshingly similar to the imaginative Amélie.

Tautou talked to The Hollywood Reporter about the kind of work she prefers now.

I really don't dream of becoming a huge Hollywood star, and I don't have the fantasy of doing some huge commercial blockbuster I, II, III, IV movies. It's not something that excites me, it's not something I'm impressed with.

Never thinking she could be a successful actress, Tautou was fortunate people around her believed in her acting abilities and gave her confidence to pursue the art.

I never really thought that I would have the luck to be able to be an actress and earn my living with acting. I was not confident enough to think that it would happen for me, so it's only because some people trusted me and gave me their confidence that I started to realize that maybe my dream could come true. But before I allowed myself to think it was my dream, I had to get some proof that maybe it could work.

The attention received from Amélie could steer many young actors in the wrong direction but Tautou was lucky to be in a good place and ride it all out.

Because it happened to me when I was relatively young, it took a little time for me to realize what was happening. The fact that it did happen, I just went with the flow and let it take me where it took me. It was a fantastic experience though, because it let me pursue more roles and opportunities.

I really think this film was a tremendous gift. Looking back at it 10 years later, I see that people who saw it then will now want to show it to their children, and they'll want to show it to their children, so for some people, it will guarantee that I'll never be forgotten.

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