ffm03_10As World War Z hits the theaters this weekend and Brad Pitt and the zombies steal the show, take note of the films's score too, as Academy Award nominee Marco Beltrami has created the orchestration on an epic scale. Watch the new trailer and listen to Beltrami's work.

Beltrami has primarily worked on horror films throughout his career, including all four Scream movies, Scary Movie 2, Mimic, The Faculty, Don't Be Afraid of the Dark, The Crow III: Salvation, 54, and many many more. In a recent interview on NPR's Sound Check, Beltrami talks about how he created WWZ's eerie tone. "Drawing on the theme of zombie bites, Beltrami used teeth from the skulls of feral pigs as percussion instruments. The result is a creepy musical backdrop for equally unsettling images of zombie attacks."

I was very conscious of the story point that the zombies perpetuate themselves through biting and through their teeth. So I was thinking it might be neat to have a percussive element that's actually derived from teeth. I was speaking with a friend of mine who was making a movie -- Tommy Lee Jones -- and he said, "Well you know, in Texas, where I'm from, we have these wild feral pigs called javelinas, and they actually communicate with their jaws." So Buck [Sanders], who's my partner at the studio, ordered some javelina skulls and we started doing experiments with them.

Interesting that he's made a career composing scores for horror films, when he's not even a big fan of the genre.

I started out coming from more of a concert music background. It just turns out that 20th century music techniques lend themselves to scary movies and horror movies. But I have to admit that I really don't care for horror movies all that much. I think mainly just because I'm a cheap scare.

Listen to more of Beltrami's work in the clips below and let us know if you watch WWZ this weekend and what you think of his score.