Throughout the summer, we're featuring a movie that someone on our staff has picked as one of their favorite Miramax films. While the summer blockbusters invade the theaters, consider watching one of the staff picks instead. Today's pick Frida, is from our Human Resources intern, Adriana Cortes. The critically praised film was nominated for six Oscars, winning for Best Music and Makeup.

adriana 2Adriana Cortes

While I love many of the movies in Miramax's library, Frida is by far my favorite. Frida is a beautiful piece of art that depicts the tragic and highly eventful life of the famous Mexican painter Frida Khalo. The film highlights the main events of her life that includes her bus accident in her youth, her marriage to painter Diego Rivera, her political life and her professional career.

One of my favorite things about the film is how it brings Frida's art to life by blending the surrealism portrayed in her artwork with reality. Julie Taymor [Director] does an amazing job at integrating Frida's body of work with the storyline of her life. This allows Frida's art to take motion in a blend of art, music and acting that is both emotional and beautiful.

Another thing I love about this film is its great casting. Salma Hayek as Frida and Alfred Molina as her husband Diego Rivera are great at portraying their very passionate relationship full of betrayal, heartbreak yet unconditional love. Salma shows how Frida was a free spirit that was very revolutionary for her time with her very masculine attire and fluid sexuality. Alfred also was successful at showing his devotion for his wife despite his womanizing tendencies.

One of my favorite scenes is the portrayal of The Two Fridas and Trosky's assassination. This scene provides a visual narrative of the meaning of the painting while also showing the pain Frida suffers from her lover's death. I especially love the emotion evoked through the adding of an older female singing as Frida drinks her sorrows away.

Another great scene is the one where Frida cuts her hair off. I find the music integrated with Salma's performance to perfectly demonstrate Frida's heartbreak and pain after her divorce with her husband.

I find this to be an overall great film and would recommend it to everyone. It is a great storyline about a great artist with a very interesting life and lifestyle.

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