Every Friday, we feature a movie one of our staff has chosen as their favorite Miramax film, along with personal stories about what makes it special to them. Consider watching one over the weekend. Today's pick is Like Water For Chocolate from our Graphic Designer, Irina Caraveo.

Irina Caraveo

How would you feel, if the love of your life, marries your brother/sister? Would it make it any worse if you were not allowed to marry because tradition wants you to take care of your mother till the day she dies?

Events like this take place in the movie, Like Water for Chocolate. This breathtaking story, filmed in Mexico, depicts the culture, family traditions, and the need of independence of a submissive young lady fighting for her true love.

Director Alfonso Arau, got my attention with what I call, the 'passive-aggressive' method. He gave me the feeling of 'I KNOW what's next', to only leave me in shock and confusion, sometimes even anger. I got caught up in a love-hate situation, but still wanting to watch the end despite having given up on the fact that these two passionate lovers, Tita de la Garza and Pedro Muzquiz, would never ever be together. Or will they?

Alfonso made the cuts of this movie very different from the usual fast paced American cuts. It feels like a day-to-day story, as if things will never change, keeping me at the edge of my seat. It was so sublime, and without noticing, it tangled me up with deeper and more shocking news that completely changed the course of the story. I felt like I was part of the plot, suffering just like them.

The film is pure magical realism. The characters reminded me of friends that till this day, are caught up with the 'what if's' from the family. The progression of the story is brilliant. The actors are captivating. The mix of mundane and mystical is what made Like Water for Chocolate my staff pick, encouraging you to go watch it too.

Like Water for Chocolate is available on DVD, digital and Netflix.