Every Friday, we feature a movie one of our staff has chosen as their favorite Miramax film, along with personal stories about what makes it special to them. Consider watching one over the weekend. Today's pick is Run Lola Run from our Digital Project Manager, Andrew Cefalo.

Coincidentally, 2013 marks the 15th Anniversary of this cult German classic!

Andrew Cefalo

I first saw Run Lola Run in a film theory course I was taking in college. CTVA 210, Film and Television Aesthetics. This course was designed to introduce all of the fundamentals they expected film production majors to know. As the subject of Foreign Cinema was introduced, you could feel the room of future Spielbergs let out a collective moan. I don't think any of us expected such an engaging and energetic movie to be shown.

Run Lola Run is a fast paced action thriller, in which, the story occurs three times. Lola has 20 minutes to get 100,000 dutch marks, or else her boyfriend will be killed. Timing is everything though, and a couple simple twists in the plot create an entirely different story. I think the director described this dynamic best when he said, "You are always looking at seemingly stable constructions that are in fact extremely fragile and vulnerable. If you take one piece and put it in a different order, everything collapses." Over and over, Lola interrupts a conversation her father is having with his mistress, however, depending on when she enters, it has an entirely different meaning.

The fast paced nature of the film is further amplified by the constant motion of the camera, and of the main character. She's running for the entire film, allowing only a couple breathers for context. What started as an experimental project featuring a woman running for 90 minutes, turned into a rich timeline where every second makes all the difference.

Watch the trailer for Run Lola Run below.

Run Lola Run is available on Blu-ray and DVD.