Every Friday, we feature a movie one of our staff has chosen as their favorite Miramax film, along with personal stories about what makes it special to them. Consider watching one over the weekend. Today's pick is The English Patient from our Rights Inventory Analyst, Sarah Rhoades.

"In memory, love lives forever"

The English Patient is one of my all-time favorite films. I first saw it during my junior year of high school after I had written a term paper on the book of the same name. I enjoyed the book but I adored the movie - and by adored I mean I sobbed through the entire 162 minutes of beautiful imagery and complex, emotional scenes.

The title character tells his story from the days leading up to WWII through the movie's present day, set during the last days of the war. His stories are illustrated by flashbacks of all kinds: sweet, risqué, tense, and sometimes horrific. The juxtaposition of the mortally injured man in the Italian countryside against the dashing man-in-love in pre-war North Africa is visually and emotionally moving, making his tragic love story even more devastating.

My absolute favorite part of the film is the love story (or torrid affair) of Katherine Clifton and Almásy (what caused the aforementioned sobbing). The passion and intensity of their love ignites quickly and burns throughout the flashbacks. From when they first meet in the desert to the last time he leaves her, you can feel the chemistry crackling between Katherine and Almásy. This is the perfect film to watch when you need a satisfyingly emotional cry.

The English Patient is available on Blu-ray and DVD.