Storyboards allow a director to detail the angle and composition of a shot before shooting a single frame. Today, many directors only do this for important scenes or large action sequences, but the Coen brothers' storyboard artist, J. Todd Anderson explains that Joel and Ethan storyboard everything, which can mean drawing more than 1000 boards for a film.

"I take dictation and try to make sure their vision is clear. I go inside their heads, try to understand what they are thinking, and put it on paper. I always try to make the drawings theirs, not mine. They tell me the shots. I do fast and loose drawings on a clipboard with a Sharpie pen--one to three drawings to a sheet of regular bond paper. I try to establish the scale, trap the angle, ID the character, get the action."

Watch a storyboard slide-show version of the street shootout in No Country here and compare it to the final filmed version below.

| via Flavorwire