Every Friday we feature a movie someone on our staff has chosen as their favorite Miramax film. Today's pick is Amelie from our Marketing Intern, Noelle Abbott. This truly unique and mesmorizing film was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet and nominated for five Oscars including Best Foreign Film. The film also made a star out of Audrey Tautou. Her charm is captivating and that alone is worth watching for the first time or visiting once again.

320920_4668533905803_389765012_nNoelle Abbott

Amelie is a film about a woman who lets her imagination run free and finds pleasure by bringing happiness to others. Not only has this quickly become one of my Miramax favorites because of her carefree and jovial spirit, but also as someone who tries to live outside of the box and help others, I can relate to Amelie.

From childhood on, Amelie has always lived a lonely and imaginative life. However, after a life changing moment that occurs once finding a hidden treasure in her bathroom wall, Amelie decides to become a regular "do-gooder". Many of her tasks range from: reuniting Mr. Bretodeau with his childhood memories, freeing Lucien from the obnoxious Collignon, giving Mr. Dufayel a new perspective on his reclusive life, and inspiring her father to live the life he always wanted.

By pleasing others she is able to please herself and find love. Not only is this a movie that warms your heart but we are reminded of one of life's most precious lessons, that by doing good for others we are rewarded with a feeling of pure fulfillment. Besides the inspiring message, I can't help but love the artistic and whimsical style that the film is shot in. I encourage you to check it out and find a little inspiration from a great film.

Favorite Scenes:

The scene where Amelie finds the box of hidden memories will forever be one of my favorites. It is in that moment where she decides to start her journey and do her first good deed which will change her life for the better.

The sheer brilliance and beauty that captures each scene, only adds to the inspiring story we are told. Just the creativity alone in scenes where Nino is sent on a wild goose chase to find the photo album turns something so normal and simple into a complex and intriguing mystery.

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