Every Friday, we feature a movie one of our staff has chosen as their favorite Miramax film, along with personal stories about what makes it special to them. Consider watching one over the weekend. Today's pick is Muriel's Wedding from our Contracts Coordinator, Aspen Clark.

Aspen Clark

Muriel's Wedding gave me hope. All my life I felt like I was different from everyone else, weird. I grew up in a conservative, middle class family and never really found myself able to identify with those around me. I felt judged and ridiculed most of the time. I watched Muriel's Wedding at 10 or 11 and despite my age and its "adult" content, I got it. I identified with Muriel. She gave me hope that one day, I would run off (yes, Abba would be playing in the background) and I would scream goodbye to the world that didn't understand me. Muriel's Wedding gave me the strength to rise above my Porpoise Spit.

And one day I did.

Muriel's Wedding is available on DVD, digital and Netflix.