Every Friday throughout the summer, we're posting a movie that someone on our staff has picked as one of their favorite Miramax films. While the summer blockbusters invade the theaters, consider watching one of the staff picks over the weekend instead. Today's pick is The Talented Mr. Ripley from Miramax Executive Assistant, Scarlett Warren.

Scarlett Warren
"'See Venice and die,' isn't that what they say? Or is it Rome?" Why not see both in this twisted psychological thriller set in some of the most monumental locations in Italy.

A summer spent sunbathing on the private beach, Bagno Antonio, along the Tyrrhenian Sea coast. Sipping espresso at Dickie Greenleaf's posh villa, Largo Stradone. Taking in the San Remo Jazz Festival to the tunes of masters Charlie Parker and Chet Baker. Breakfast at Cafe Dinelli, located at the foot of The Spanish Steps.

All of these luxuries prove to be even more intoxicating when entangled with mystery, deception, suspense, and murder. Told through the mind of unstable, duplicitous protagonist, Tom Ripley, the plot will have you quietly suffering with anticipation and tension while awaiting Tom's next moves.

Equally important to this sinister plot are the visually stunning scenes shot by cinematographer, John Seale, coupled with the artful direction and carefully crafted screenwriting of the late Anthony Minghella - both Academy Award winners from Miramax epic The English Patient.

These key ingredients draw the audience into this clever and picturesque emotional roller coaster.

The Talented Mr. Ripley is available on Blu-ray, DVD and digital.