Ted, Seth MacFarlane's feature debut, won't hit theaters until tomorrow, but early reviews are already pouring in today, including one that explicitly compares the film to Bad Santa. In his review for Best Movies Ever, Curt Johnson writes:

When you've got summer full of action adventure, it's nice to have some twisted comedy fun to throw into the mix, and 'Ted' delivers all that. It also makes you wonder why McFarlane [sic] took so long to get to the big screen. 'Ted' was originally thought up as an animated series, but Wahlberg and a CG bear bring this film to life. It reminded me much of Billy Bob Thornton in 'Bad Santa' where the bear is Thornton and Wahlberg is the sweet kid who gives Santa a blood stained pickle he made himself (and cut while making). There's a sweetness to the film that hits just when Ted is starting to irritate you. McFarlane knows how to balance this wonderfully, and many people thinking the trailers look one note, there's more layers to this film than meets the eye.

You can read the rest of Johnson's review, titled "Seth McFarlane's 'Ted' Is 'Bad Santa' For Bear Crowd," over at Best Movies Ever.