If you're so money, but you don't even know it, are you still money?

It's a deep question, and one that will likely perplex philosophers for years to come -- all because of Jon Favreau. That's because Favreau is the man behind Swingers -- the 1996 sleeper hit that set the gold standard for every "single-bros-party-and-try-to-get-laid" comedy that followed in its wake.

But what separates Swingers from its pretender progeny is, without question, its dialogue. As the last 12 years have proven, it remains one of the most infectiously quotable movies of all-time. "Vegas, baby"; "Wingman"; "Beautiful babies" -- if you've heard, spoken, or interacted with any of these phrases, then you have only Swingers to thank.

Though he wrote the script himself, Favreau can't really take full credit for sculpting the language of a frat boy generation; part of the due belongs to his co-stars (and real-life bros) Vince Vaughn and Ron Livingston. Favreau based the screenplay on his own experience as a struggling actor in Hollywood, and much of the dialogue derives from real-life barroom conversations he had with both Vaughn and Livingston. Those chats spawned some of the funniest scenes in the Miramax library, including this gem, below.