queenRecently, we celebrated you. 50 million of you. You're a fan of one or more of our 121 Facebook film pages and to thank you, we've launched our Miramax Clip Gallery where you can watch your favorite clips from your favorite films and share them with your friends.

Instead of wasting your valuable time searching for a scene from one of our films elsewhere, take a stroll through our gallery and relive classic highlights for instant gratification. New galleries will be curated each week, including clips from our Oscar-winners, first-time filmmakers, all things Tarantino, martial arts mania, Ben Affleck v. Leonardo DiCaprio, Miramax staff picks and many more.

Today we are celebrating our top twelve films on the Miramax leaderboard by giving you one clip from each film. Once you've watched the clip, click on the film page listed in the video display which brings you to more clips, or click on the video page which brings you to related clips from other films you might enjoy.

Come back all week to check out new galleries and if you'd like us to curate a specific Miramax gallery, let us know in the comments below.