roth and tarantinowmk

During a press tour for his film Broken, Tim Roth told Getty Images that he and Quentin will soon be meeting to talk about working on another film together.

We were trying to do Inglourious Basterds but I had the TV show [Lie to Me] in the US that had just kicked in at the point so I couldn't do it. I actually saw Quentin the other night and so we're gonna meet for a beer now that all the awards season thing has faded away and we can have a serious talk.

Before the aforementioned schedule conflict, it was reported that Roth was to play Lt. Archie Hickox in Basterds, which eventually went to Michael Fassbinder. Roth and Tarantino have worked on three films together and it would be great to see them reunite once again. Here are some clips from those flicks.

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