Understandably, there are no shortages of war movies to watch when so many soldiers return home, sharing their stories of courage, sacrifice and valor. Today, as we honor all Veterans who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces, we'd like to highlight two of our films about very different wars in our history, one that takes place during The Civil War, the other during World War II, both about those who carry on the fight to defend our freedoms.

The Great Raid is the inspirational true story of one of the most the triumphant rescue missions in U.S. military history. As World War II rages, the elite Sixth Ranger Battalion is given a mission of heroic proportions: push 30 miles behind enemy lines and liberate over 500 American prisoners of war. Under the command of Lt. Col. Henry Mucci, they set off on their mission to infiltrate Cabanatuan and liberate the American prisoners. With the help of Capt. Prince, Mucci leads his men on a life-or-death raid against forces known for their savagery.

The film stars James Franco, Benjamin Bratt, Joseph Fiennes and Connie Nielson. It is produced by Lawrence Bender and directed by Rounders helmer, John Dahl.

Cold Mountain | Miramax

Cold Mountain is an epic war drama written and directed by Anthony Minghella based on the novel by Charles Frazier, that takes place at the dawn of the Civil War, when the men of Cold Mountain, North Carolina, rush to join the Confederate army. Nicole Kidman plays Ada,the daughter of a minister whom has vowed to wait for a man she falls in love with, Inman, played by Jude Law who marches off to war as a Confederate soldier. As the war drags on and letters go unanswered, Ada must find the will to survive while desperately struggling to hold onto her family's farm. Inman's long journey home takes him through the crumbling confederacy, as he meets people of all walks of life who both aid and hinder his mission.

Cold Mountain was nominated for seven Academy Awards with Renee Zellweger winning Best Supporting Actress for her performance as Ruby Thewes. The film also stars Brendan Gleeson, Cillian Murphy, Donald Sutherland, Giovanni Ribisi, Jack White, Natalie Portman, Philip Seymour Hoffman and Ray Winstone.

To all who have served, today and always, we thank you.