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With one more episode before the series finale, Breaking Bad's creator Vince Gilligan finally introduces us to a character yet to be seen but referenced four seasons ago called the 'Disappearer'. Gilligan and writer Peter Gould said they cast actor Robert Forster for this role because of his strong performance as Max Cherry in Quentin Tarantino's Jackie Brown. Gould elaborates.

When we were talking about the character in the writer's room, we literally called him Robert Forster. Our reference to the part was Max Cherry from Jackie Brown. Then lo and behold, when our casting people reached out to him, he was willing to do it. Vince and I got on a phone call with him and told him about the part and he was willing to rearrange his schedule. It was really a thrill. He brings with him an air that tells you so much about the character. He plays such a huge role in the episode, so we really needed a powerhouse actor to put next to Bryan Cranston.


Forster said while he was a fan of the show, he hadn't seen all of the episodes.

They told me that the character has been referred to and they gave me just enough information. I didn't have to know much about the show truthfully in order to do the role. It's a guy who has a small, quiet side business of putting new identities together and shipping people to places they might not want to be, but they are out of the gate. He's a straight shooter. He'll give you the truth and no horseshit. That I consider to be appealing in a character. No BS.

Watch Forster as the stoic-faced, straight shooter Max Cherry to see why the Breaking Bad team cast him in a stand-out role in one of the best TV shows of all time.

| via 'Disappearer' and 'Walt's Suffering' articles in The Hollywood Reporter